His Top 4 Erogenous Zones


His Top 4 Erogenous Zones
Did you ever know that men have more than one zone? Here are some things you HAVE to know.

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Men’s Top 4 Erogenous Zones


1. His Hands. Touch them, hold them, and rub them lightly during a movie. While this is a subtle gesture, Michaels assures us this is a big turn on. It sets the tone for things to come and when you get his mind working, which is a big turn on.


2. His Neck. There might be a special spot, like right above the collarbone or at the base of his hairline, but find it and own it. Start with some light kisses and as things heat up, don’t be afraid to even take a nibble. “Start slow and light, and then escalate the pressure and intensity as the game progresses.”

3. His Ears. Get close enough to whisper in his ear. You may not even have to say a word; just the feeling of your breath lightly on his ear is enough. “Be sure to stay light,” Michaels clarifies. “The lighter the better…”


4. His Brain. “I know, it sounds girly, but it applies to us too, ladies,” Michael teases. It’s important that men know that you want them, that you desire them, enough that you initiate things. “The thought that you “have to have me now” strikes a primal cord in every man,” says Michaels. And what better turn on is there than for your man to know that you want him?

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