The Fragile Male Ego? Not So Fast!


The Fragile Male Ego? Not So Fast!
Think again. Women might actually be more vulnerable than they think.

Whatever we say, it’s got to be said just right so as not to send our partners into an eating disorder. Ask your guy. He’ll tell you how he has to either avoid or massage a certain issue with you because he knows how easily you come unglued over the most innocuous comment. And even compliments can be a scary proposition.

Dude: “Wow, sweetie. You hair looks great today!”


Dudette: “What? What’s wrong with my hair every other day?!”

Oh, and the look-at-the-darkside, dot-connecting ability of ladies is unparalleled. To a guy, a toilet seat left up is just a toilet seat left up. To a woman, it’s a direct reflection of a man’s parental acumen. You left the toilet seat up again. That means you don’t listen to her. And if you don’t listen to her, that means you don’t really care about her feelings. And if you don’t care about her feelings, how could you possibly love and nurture your child’s feelings? You, sir, have proven beyond a shadow of a doubt, that child protective services should be on high alert should you ever become a father!

So yeah, guys carry a boatload of insecurities. But women drag around their fair share, too. Let’s not so gleefully point out one’s flaws when we could all probably use a little therapy!

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