Five Reasons to Say Farewell to the Fast Track


Five Reasons to Say Farewell to the Fast Track
You want to live life in the fast lane, but you should really slow down before it passes you by.

3. When you’re going fast, it’s pretty much impossible to make mindful choices about anything. For me, the biggest casualties of that were what and how I was eating and who I spent my (limited) time with outside work. Bottom line: I ate a crappy diet and I ate too much crap from the guys I dated. But I didn’t take time to do anything about it.

4. You may end up somewhere you never intended or wanted. When you’re in a hurry-hurry state, you take the promotion you’re offered…and may end up living somewhere you never even wanted to live, or working in a field you actively hate. But by then you’re so deeply immersed, it’s hard to get out.

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5. This is your life. Your own magnificent, brave, adventurous life. To fill with whatever and whoever you choose. You will always be able to find excuses for why you can’t make a change…and those reasons and fears are valid and real. But the question you need to ask yourself is, If this is my one magnificent life, what do I want to do with it? If I died tomorrow, would I die knowing deep in my bones that I had done everything I wanted to do—or was well on my way to doing it? Would I feel that I had lived my life fully and with purpose? Ironically, it sometimes takes thinking about death to help us live more fully.

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About the book: Sara has invested years dutifully climbing the corporate ladder to become head of PR at a major financial services company, but can’t shake the feeling she’s not where she belongs. When her latest boss, a wine-guzzling, drama-loving diva, finally drives her to the brink, Sara seeks sanctuary in yoga-teacher training…only to encounter an entirely different assortment of craziness and calamity.

Where in the OM Am I? is an irreverent, honest, and hilarious memoir chronicling one woman’s journey from the fast-paced, cutthroat corporate world, to the slow-paced, surprisingly catty, and sometimes perilous world of yoga. Along the way, Sara confronts the harsh reality of working in a male-dominated industry, the challenges of being a corporate interloper in the yoga community, and the complexity of interactions between women in both realms. As epic mishaps beget personal revelations, Sara digs deep for the courage to forge a new life for herself.

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Sara DiVello worked in PR and marketing for thirteen years before realizing she preferred yoga mats and bare feet to cubicles and high heels. She teaches both vinyasa and restorative yoga and is certified with the Yoga Alliance. Sara holds a B.A. in communications, summa cum laude, from Arcadia University. She currently lives in Boston with her husband and their eleven-pound rescue mutt, Peluda.

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