Fend Off The Post-Wedding Blues


Fend Off The Post-Wedding Blues
After months (or years) of planning and hype, the day is over before you know it.

Celebrate your love by planning a few date nights, scheduling a romantic getaway, or just surprising your mate with breakfast in bed – they’ll thank you for it and be grateful they married such a catch!

5. Grow Your Marriage


After the hustle and bustle of wedding planning, many couples need to reconnect since they have been so focused on organizing their dream wedding for several months (or even years). Now that you’ve enjoyed that special time together, get focused on the special time you have together as newlyweds.

“Settle in to your new life and get to know each other in and out of the bedroom,” the Gustafsons suggest. “Stay involved with each other and keep the love alive by finding new ways to show your love every day.”

No doubt about it, weddings are exciting. With so much anticipation, emotions and adrenalin going throughout the months leading up to your wedding, it is inevitable you would experience some type of crash after it’s all done. Keep an awareness about the feelings you are having, which are normal and natural responses to such a major life change, and you’ll hopefully find your newlywed bliss in no time!

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