Fend Off The Post-Wedding Blues


Fend Off The Post-Wedding Blues
After months (or years) of planning and hype, the day is over before you know it.

By Laura Seldon for GalTime.com

So, you finally met the love of your life, got engaged in the most romantic way possible, and the two of you toasted your love in the biggest party you’ve ever thrown (which is a now a day you count among the happiest of your entire life). But after all that fun and excitement, you’re finding yourself feeling a little down.


“Post-wedding blues are very normal,” says Dr. Ramani Durvasula, a licensed clinical psychologist in Los Angeles. “It's as though the circus packed up and left town, and so too has the event that has motivated the bride's every thought for months, if not years!” If your wedding excitement has turned into wedding-woe-is-me, then here are five great ways to channel your newlywed bliss.

1. Talk About It

If you’re feeling down now that your big day has come and gone, there is a good chance your partner knows something is up, but is unsure of what’s going on.

“With every great change comes discomfort,” says Cherilynn Veland, a licensed clinical social worker in Chicago. “Expect it, talk about it, even toast to it.” Who knows, maybe your mate is feeling the same way. Talk about it honestly and you’ll likely to start to feel better when you open up.

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2. Keep the Party Going

“Extend the fun a little longer,” suggests Dr. Durvasula. “When the pictures come out, have friends over and use all of those new dishes. Or, just have friends over and let your wedding be the event that re-connected you with people you care about.”

Connecting with your closest friends and sharing an evening of laughter can’t help but lift your spirits.

3. Get Back to What You Do Best

Not sure how to spend all that free time now that your wedding-planning days are behind you? Put those organizational skills to good use by volunteering at a local non-profit or simply planning a BBQ or movie night for your neighbors.

“Get involved with your community as newlyweds,” suggests Carolina Caro, a life coach based in Los Angeles. “You’ll have more fun and get to know more people!”

4. Celebrate Your Marriage

We often hear that the wedding and honeymoon are the most exciting times in a relationship. “That is just not true – your marriage is,” say Doug and Leslie Gustafson, a married team of therapists in Denver, Colorado. “You are together, you are free, and you get to have all the romance, sex, and excitement that you choose to have whenever you choose to have it! Live it up.”

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