Exclusive Interview with Gretchen Rossi of Real Housewives of OC


Exclusive Interview with Gretchen Rossi of Real Housewives of OC
Find out some facts you may have never known before from Real Housewives!

By GalTime Editor, Kerri Winick, for GalTime.com

Anyone who knows me knows I love myself some Real Housewives!



Yes, I’m “that” girl…the one that watches every installment. And, of course, I have my favorite leading ladies!

In the OC, it’s the always-stylish and beautiful Gretchen Rossi, outspoken girlfriend of Slade Smiley, and creator of her own makeup and handbag line, Gretchen Christine.

Read on to find out what’s in her handbag, the beauty tip she swears by, and what she really thinks of Bravo’s Andy Cohen! It's a GalTime Quick Quiz!

Three things you always carry in your handbag: My phone, my Gretchen Christine make-up, and my wallet


Favorite place(s) to score a fashion bargain: Forever 21 or H&M

The one accessory you can’t live without: My Gretchen Christine purses, of course!


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Beauty tip you swear by: Sleep and happiness!


Favorite item from your Gretchen Christine collection:  Currently, I’m obsessed with my new Pink Satchel! But I just love all the bags I have designed!

Describe Andy Cohen…in three words or less. Flamboyant, witty, and adorable

Secret from behind the scenes of the Real Housewives of Orange County: I am really a billionaire! Ha ha! NO, just kidding. The secret that didn’t get discussed on this past season was that I actually forewarned Alexis on the plane ride over about the intervention that was going to happen in Costa Rica. Since it wasn’t on camera, they didn’t show me confronting her about that.

Four housewives you’d like to have at a dinner party (from any installment!): Wow! That is actually hard because I like so many of the housewives. However, I would say Bethenny Frankel (to discuss business), NeNe Leakes (to just have some fun and great laughs), Kyle Richards (to keep it real),  and Kathy, Jacqueline or Melissa from New Jersey (because they are all just so sweet and so supportive with everything I do).

Ideal date night with Slade (or, ideal girls' night out with Tamra): Ideal date night with Slade is just cooking on the grill at home, having wine, lighting a fire, catching up on our lives, and then curling up on the couch to watch a movie!

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Ideal night with Tamra...holy crap, you never know where that one will go!  I have a feeling we could watch paint dry and it would be fun! LOL.

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