Eat Your Way To Sexy In 6 Steps!


Eat Your Way To Sexy In 6 Steps!
Ways to keep yourself energized in the bedroom! Find how eating habits can improve your sex life.

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4. Get wet and wild. Some foods and their nutrients are so important, you need to include them at least a few times a week. In this batch is the omega-3 fat DHA found in fatty fish like salmon.


5. Remember, size matters. While I dare you to eat too many vegetables, limiting portions of other foods will make a huge difference when it comes to mood, mind, memory, and of course, your waistline.

6. Take the pill: No matter how well you eat, it is likely you will need a supplement or two to fill in the gaps on the days when you don’t eat perfectly, as well as to give you that extra edge when it comes to feeling friskier, happier, and more energetic.

GT: Are there simple ways to boost our libido?
Elizabeth Somer: There is no band-aid approach to feeling great. You can’t add salmon or spinach to an otherwise typical American diet and think you’re going to feel great. You must first follow the 75% rule (eat authentic 75% of the time... think apples not apple chips) and incorporate the 6 guidelines above. Then you can give your mood, mind, memory, heart, waistline, and looks an extra boost with the 12 Amorous Edibles in the book, including salmon, spinach, berries, watermelon, yogurt, figs, and more.

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