Double Your Fat-Loss With 5 Minutes of Writing


Double Your Fat-Loss With 5 Minutes of Writing
You'll be shocked by the effect this has on your eating habits!
By Ingrid Macher, Certified Health Coach and Personal Trainer, for GalTime
Using your words to take the pounds off


When we think of tools we can use to burn fat, the usual suspects come to mind: a treadmill, exercise bike or maybe even a stair climber.


And sure, those things can all certainly help you shed a few pounds. That’s no surprise.

There is a tool that is far more powerful than anything you could ever find in a gym or health club.

In fact, if you want to drop your extra body fat as fast as humanly possible, then this tool just might be the most powerful weapon in your entire weight loss arsenal.

You’ll never break a sweat using it. Yet it’s so powerful, it’s been scientifically proven to double the fat loss results of all those who utilize it.

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As incredible as that may sound, the American Journal of Preventive Medicine showed it’s absolutely true. In one of the largest weight loss studies ever conducted, they found those who used this tool dropped an average of 18 pounds of pure fat, while those who went without it only lost nine pounds.

And those are just average results! I’ve personally used it to shed over 50 pounds of stubborn fat, after years of struggling with my weight. It was a total difference-maker for me.

The incredible tool I’m talking about is a food journal.
You use it to write down and record all of the food and drinks you consume during your day. Easy enough, right? But don’t be fooled by its simplicity. The results are almost magical!

By keeping track of your food intake, you’re held accountable for all of your food choices.
No more secrets. No more hiding from your bad eating habits. Everything you eat is documented, shown in clear view, right in front of your face.

So if you aren’t getting the results you desire, it’s easy to just open up the journal and see why that is. For example: If the scale isn’t moving in the right direction, and you see you’re drinking two cans of soda every day, then it’s safe to assume that’s the culprit.

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