Don't be a Cling-on


Don't be a Cling-on
You text & call hoping to keep your hot date interested. 4 Tips to avoid becoming a STAGE 5 CLINGER!

3. Refocus: Call a friend or go do something fun yourself! Don't text again unless this really is extremely important and you need an answer about something specific right now (which likely is not the case).

4. Revalue: Realize that this is just the feeling of insecurity or a desire to connect, but that it does not have to be acted on whenever you feel it. You are not your brain and you do not have to give into every urge, impulse or desire you have. Try to go find something fun to do and put things in perspective.


And if you're still having trouble? Here are a few more of Rebecca's tips.

* Make a deal with a good friend of yours. Tell her that every time you feel the urge to text him, you will text her instead.

* Every time you are about to pick up your phone or use the computer, stop yourself and take a few deep breaths. Then, ask yourself, What am I about to do and why? If the reason includes wanting to feel that good feeling again or trying to get rid of your fears/anxiety/worry/stress, then go do something else for a while first. See if the urge is still there 15 minutes later.

* Check in with someone you trust and see how he/she would deal with this situation. Would he/she text now? Why or why not?


Have you ever been a text-a-holic with a new flame? How did you handle it? Do we text too much? Do guys do the same or is it more a gal thing? 

By Marianne Beach,

This article was originally published at . Reprinted with permission.
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