Does Your Child Have An Eating Disorder? 8 Warning Signs


Does Your Child Have An Eating Disorder? 8 Warning Signs
Warning Signs Your Child or Teen May be Dealing with an Eating Disorder

Be supportive. Emphasize that your child is not in trouble, but that you are concerned and want to be there for support.






Be firm. If you are worried about your child’s health to the point he or she needs to see a doctor, tell your child what is going to happen. For example, “This morning, we’re going to talk to a doctor about your health.”

Seek qualified resources. Your family’s physician, your child’s pediatrician or a local eating disorders treatment center can provide useful information to help you better understand eating disorders and to help you determine the most appropriate treatment option for your child.





If your child does develop an eating disorder, try not to shoulder the blame yourself. Eating disorders are complex mental illnesses stemming from a variety of contributing factors; they are not any one person’s – or parent’s – fault. Being able to recognize the warning signs and be an active part of eating disorders treatment will help provide an environment conducive to the recovery process. 

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