Does it Matter How Old You Are When Your Parents Divorce?


Does it Matter How Old You Are When Your Parents Divorce?
Divorce is extremely common no matter what the age. Read more to see why.

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Make room for the idea that your parents’ divorce – no matter how old you are – can have a big impact on you. Increasing your self-awareness can help you cope so you can handle the negative feelings and keep them from spilling over into your own relationships.

Be patient with yourself and your parents, recognizing that it is their marriage and, no matter how close you might be, it is impossible to fully comprehend what goes on between two people unless you are one of them. Remember that your parents don’t have a problem with you or with the family as a whole, but some unresolvable problem with each other. With that in mind, you will hopefully be able to side step the blame, and avoid being forced to take sides or being pulled into their battle.

Finally, determine the sort of relationship you want to maintain with each of your parents separate from the anger and animosity that is going on between them. 

It is still so early for Jessica and Ashlee to process their feelings about their parents’ divorce. But hopefully, they will be able to move forward without losing too much, and be able to hold onto what is important to them. And if your parents are separated, divorcing or apart, here's hoping you have the support to move on, too.

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