Do You Need to Take Your Bucket List Up a Notch?


Do You Need to Take Your Bucket List Up a Notch?
FIgure out what else you can do with your life that you may have never imagined before.

What can you start doing again that you’ve been depriving yourself of?  Or what can you start doing that you’ve secretly always wanted to do?




If there’s a nagging voice inside of you telling you that “You shouldn’t take time to do creative and fun things” and “You should be there to help everyone else,” then tell that voice to SHUT UP.  Please.  Women are so consumed by guilt that they feel guilty about making time for themselves.  Get over the guilt!  Do something fun for yourself.  Make a date with yourself to do what you (not what everyone else in your life) want to do.  Embrace your fun, funny, creative side.  Believe it or not, by embracing your playful side, you will actually be a better mom, wife, partner, friend…and you’ll have more fun!


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The rational side of us says to “Wait.” 


Wait until…we’re older, or we have less responsibility, or our kids are in college.   But I say, “Why wait?” Like that old Madonna song says, “Express Yourself” NOW.  Like the new age guru Eckhart Tolle espouses, “Embrace the Power of NOW.” 

“But I don’t have time!”  I hear that over and over in the corporate Time Management seminars I teach.  It’s what I used to say to myself.  But here’s the reality.  We all have the same amount of time.  We all have 24 hours in our day.  We have no control over that.  But what we do have control over is how we choose to spend our time.  In other words,  it’s not that we don’t have time, we just don’t make time.  Which means that it’s a choice. You can choose to make time to fit in that something special, or not.  It’s up to you. 

So I say: Choose to do what gives you joy and do it NOW.  Embrace that shade of yourself that’s been deprived or that you’ve been hiding away.  Sign up for that class, make a date with yourself, and make time to do what you really want to do.

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