Do You Give Your Kids Too Much?


Do You Give Your Kids Too Much?
Read these tips on how to control the budget you share with your kids.

5. Encourage your kids to give back. Include a gift card or two to your child’s favorite store. Suggest that they use some of the money to buy a gift that can be donated to a local charity. This will offer your kids the opportunity to experience the joy of giving back.




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6. Help your kids to create a list of people to whom they want to spread holiday cheer. Your younger kids will certainly enjoy spending time with you creating cards and crafts they can give to these important people in their lives. This will also help emphasize that holiday cheer is created and spread by giving gifts as well as receiving.



7. Don’t make the holidays all about the gifts. Encourage your children to participate in family traditions. Engage them by asking them to help decorate the house, put the star on the tree or set up the candles in the menorah.

8. Invite your kids to create new family traditions. Nothing is more heartwarming than a family project which focuses on giving back. Call the local food bank or soup kitchen to see if /when they need your help.  Send donations to those impacted by Superstorm Sandy. This emphasis on giving back during the holidays models important values to your kids.



There is nothing wrong with pleasing your kids with presents over the holidays. When you emphasize giving back however, you teach them what the true spirit of the holiday season is really about. Besides, nothing is more frustrating than a gift that sits forgotten in a corner once the box has been unwrapped.

Be honest: Are you guilty of spoiling your kids at the holidays?

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