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How To Make The Most Of An Empty Nest


When your "kids" grow up and move away, you could dwell in sadness or learn to start fresh.

My advice about dealing with a major life change is this: Don't allow yourself to become a victim of the situation; rather, become a victor. Although one chapter of your life has ended, the wisdom and perspectives that you have gained from this time can be very useful as you embark on your next life chapter.

Instead focusing on the negative aspects of an empty home, find a meaningful use for those extra available hours that can be enriching for your mind and nourishing for your spirit. It may be spending more time with aging parents, establishing a new relationship, reconnecting with old friends or pursuing a new hobby. An Empty Nest Forced Us To Be A Couple Again

This is a time of growth for both parent and child. The child is entering the stage of adulthood, and you are allowing yourself to explore the next stage of your life.

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