Can You Really Fall in Love TOO Fast?


Can You Really Fall in Love TOO Fast?
It might be smart to pump the brakes a bit before getting on the fast track to marriage.

There’s always that awkward period where you’re each waiting to see who says “I love you first.” You want to say it. You want to tell that person what you’re feeling, but you can’t, right? Why is it awkward? Because we’re told not to. Too soon. May scare him off. May not feel the same way. Which may possibly be true in any given situation. But life is filled with risks. By the way, research shows that generally guys are the first to drop the L-bomb.

I guess my point in all this is that sometimes trying to adhere to conventional wisdom may not be the best route for you to take in a fledgling relationship. You should be cautious, but you can be cautious and still embrace the fact that you’re falling for someone without concern over some artificial timetable. All these rules take the fun out of new love!


But I ask you again….how soon do you know you’re falling in love?

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