Can Cheaters Ever Change?


Can Cheaters Ever Change?
In the wake of the Kobe divorce filing, we want to know --can cheaters ever really change?
  1. No remorse. 

  2. History of cheating in other relationships and reluctance to seek help.

  3. Continuing to be secretive with their phones, emails, texts, etc.

  4. Inability to stop the cheating. Character disorder, i.e., narcissism, sex addiction.

  5. Inability to actually admit that what they did was wrong...lots of rationalizing, excuses, and blame.

Of course not everyone is dealing with a husband who plays professional basketball and who is cheating on them with several women. But when is it time to give up and get out of a relationship?

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"When the cheating continues even though the partner is saying they aren't cheating," Rivkin affirms. "If a person continues to cheat, like Kobe Bryant, there is virtually no hope that this behavior will change."

According to Rivkin everyone needs explore their own relationship and circumstances.

"When couples don't stay together, it has less to do with the particular circumstances of the affair than with the couple's long-term history, and with their willingness and ability to explore it," Rivkin says. "Sometimes it seems the reservoir of resentment and hostility is just too overwhelming, and that so much damage has been done that there is little left to salvage. For some people, they are done with one indiscretion and some aren't. The only right answer is what is right for you."

After all is said and done, Rivkin expresses that if you feel you can't trust them again, even if they show signs of change, you may need to walk away.

"It's not a failure or a sign of weakness to leave a destructive relationship," Rivkin states.

What are your thoughts on cheaters changing? What about the Kobe divorce?

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