Britney Spears Did It: When Should You Call It Off?


Britney Spears Did It: When Should You Call It Off?
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You are moving forward for the kids. In Britney’s case, it has been said that Trawick has developed a strong relationship with her kids over the years. He was quoted as saying he “adored” them. Sometimes thinking that sticking it out would be best for the kids keeps people together even if it isn’t the best thing for the adults. In this instance, the person doing the breaking up can feel guilty about hurting and letting down the children. If Britney experienced this at all, it didn’t hold her back.


You feel the old "I love you but I'm not IN LOVE with you." While you may love your partner, you may not be in love with them. This is the passion that helps you navigate and negotiate the many ups and downs of marriage, which you need in order to make it work. If it isn’t there, trust your gut. Britney did that, you can, too.


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