"The Best Gift He's Ever Given Me.."


"The Best Gift He's Ever Given Me.."
Now that the holidays are coming up, figure out what some awesome gifts are this season.

"On Christmas morning of 2006, my husband gave me my favorite hobby back—photography. After we bought a digital camera back in '99 (the kind with the floppy disks), I found I used my 35mm less and less. Since the quality wasn’t that great, I stopped taking pictures like I used to; the convenience of the digital pictures won over in my busy life rather than getting the film out and getting pictures developed. But one Christmas morning, my husband surprised me with a new Nikon digital SLR, a top-of-the-line camera at the time. I was so shocked that he bought it. Yet, I had tears of joy from that gift. Since then, I have taken thousands and thousands and thousands (I'm not joking) of pictures with that camera, and I've had the opportunity to photograph some friends’ weddings with it as well. I brought it back to the store to get looked at and the owner said, ‘Wow, this gets used a lot!’ and it does. I will never forget that morning—the day I fell in love with photography all over again."



Submitted by Carolyn Kingman Javick

"Last year for Christmas, Bobby spent his spare time going to his uncle’s house, where he built me a wooden chest to place at the foot of our bed. Last year sometime, I had seen a tool he made for his beer brewing, and I told him I was impressed with the woodworking, and I'd love for him to make something for me. When he asked what I would want, I semi-jokingly told him a chest, and that's what he made! It's absolutely beautiful, and it makes me happy—always! He put so much work into it. It was definitely the best gift ever."


Submitted by Ashley Lamb



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"My husband Dan knew that I was a huge fan of my favorite author, Pat Conroy. One day, my phone rang, and it was Pat Conroy himself. He called, and we spoke for about 20 minutes. Dan managed to reach Pat through an arduous process, and he agreed to call and speak to me. It was an amazing gift, and it meant so much to me that my husband went to great lengths to have someone I admired so much call me."

Submitted by Kelly Raines

"My husband remembered that one of my favorite toys when I was younger was a Mork doll from the show Mork & Mindy. I remember the doll's voicebox broke when I was in kindergarten, and I was very upset. A few months ago, I was surprised with a Mork doll.  Unfortunately, I do not have many items left from my childhood, so the gift gave me a bit of my childhood back."


Submitted by Vanessa Rodriguez-Messina

"My husband and I always go to The Field Gallery on Martha's Vineyard each summer. So for Christmas, he bought me an original photo piece of the island by one of the artists. It was incredible because he combined my favorite place in the world with my love of art, and he said it reminded him of my aunt’s house that used to be there.”

Submitted by Kris Krusel

What's the best gift your guy has given you?


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