Being Friends with Your Friend's Ex: A Guy's Take


Being Friends with Your Friend's Ex: A Guy's Take
Is it really worth it?

4. Why do I need to continue this friendship? – What's the point? What's so great about this person that you simply must hold on to the connection? Maybe it's a great job contact? Perhaps this person is somehow connected you in a different way? Maybe you're the person who set the couple up? Or maybe you've got other motives… and you know what I'm talking about.

5. What kind of relationship are you trying to maintain? – Maybe you're just trying to remain civil and polite as opposed to becoming besties and hitting Happy Hour together. To your friend, a civil relationship may be acceptable while something of more depth may prove problematic.


6. Are you prepared to lose a longtime friend? – By maintaining a connection with your "relationship friend", are you ready to accept that your original, long time buddy, may be less than thrilled with the continued association? Are you willing to exchange one friendship for another?

It goes without saying that each and every situation is unique, but hopefully you've answered the questions above as honestly as possible in your own mind and are willing to accept the consequences of your final decision. What other rules or points should people consider in this situation? Or should this even be a consideration? What do you think? Share your thoughts!

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