The Art Of Making Up


The Art Of Making Up
Once you stop throwing the verbal grenades, how do you get back on track? Here's where to start...

Reconnect – It’s vital to reconnect, I believe, as soon as possible. Some people need “space” after conflict; some need immediate, overt acknowledgement that the fighting is over. That could be in the form of an apology, a hug, or both. But something that clearly says, “I’m done arguing – and I love you.” There are those who can simply separate from the heated disagreement and proceed on with ease. Then there are those who need a deeply intimate experience (make up sex) to feel that reconnection. Whatever method works best for you and your partner, figure it out and act on it as soon as appropriate because the more time that passes between the end of the fight, the more difficult this part of making up will be.



How about you? What tips can you share that have made making up easier in your life?

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