Are You Happy With Your Orgasms?


Are You Happy With Your Orgasms?

I often find myself reminding young mothers of the negative effects of fatigue and stress on our overall interest in/response to sex – remember those times when you’ve been so exhausted, you’d much rather go to sleep, than to have sex? To make the point, I may even add, “If you had an expense-paid vacation with your husband, and your kids were in safe hands, would you be looking forward to sex with your husband during that trip?”


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Posing this question to them, in many cases, allows them to see the negative effects of life’s everyday stressors on their sexual relationships, thus lessening their concern for a hormonal or medical reason for their sexual disinterest or dissatisfaction.

Although medical conditions are typically a less-likely cause for female sexual dysfunction than psycho-social factors, some of the medical causes are:

Substance induced conditions. Central nervous system depressants, like alcohol intoxication, may inhibit orgasmic response.

Medications/SSRIs antidepressants. The use of SSRI antidepressants are commonly associated with delayed orgasmic response in both men and women.


Mood disorders. Major mood disorders, such as depression and anxiety, may be associated with a loss of interest in sex, leading to orgasmic dysfunction.

Pelvic surgery/birth. A short-term decline in orgasmic satisfaction may occur after pelvic surgery or childbirth, though long-term functioning should not be affected after routine pelvic surgery or childbirth.


Despite our societal conditioning, you should be the judge of your own sexual responsiveness and satisfaction. Consider some of the psychological factors or social upbringing that may be affecting your sexual response, examine your relationship, as well as your stressors, and be kind with yourself, and give yourself permission to explore and to grow.

If you have concerns about your sexual responsiveness, make time to visit/discuss your concerns with your health care provider.


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