Are You Dating A "Mad Man" Online?


Are You Dating A "Mad Man" Online?
You can be anyone you want to be online, so who's it going to be?

Roger Sterling doesn’t need to create an online profile with all of his women, unless he is between his relationships. If you meet a Sterling on line, you will know it by his genuine expression. If he tells you in an email that he likes your dress, he probably means it. Unlike Draper and Campbell, Sterling says what he means and means what he says. As for details, a Sterling type will list himself as "family centric" and describe himself as a, "big people person." He might even post pictures of himself with friends and family.

If you watch Mad Men, you will know Paul Kinsey, but you may not remember him. The online world of dating is full of Paul Kinsey types who grow on you over time. They don’t stand out in the crowd until you meet them in person. And when you do meet them, you will find they don’t have the social graces of a Don Draper or Roger Sterling, but they make you feel at ease. A Paul Kinsey isn’t going to be Type-A. He’s the guy who will like to smoke and listen to jazz, so he will definitely list, "very easygoing" under his profile.


We all know every woman has a type, so don’t be afraid to hold out for that Don Draper or Paul Kinsey type. PlentyofFish knows they are alive and online.

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