How Relationship Roles Have Reversed


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The "new normal" has women making more money than men, and men becoming stay-at-home fathers.

This poses a serious problem for traditionalists. On our Straight Male Friend Group page on Facebook, this topic frequently pops up. Many of the women desire those traditional roles. They want — no — they expect that the guy will be picking her up, and taking her out, and paying for those first few dates. One thread in particular caught my attention as the ladies were discussing how often a man needs to be taking a woman out.

"How long would you go out with a guy if he wasn't taking you out at least once a week and spending at least a hundred dollars on you?" This was a real discussion! And it turned into a polarized debate between the women who would never go out with a guy who wasn't "being a man" and the women who saw no real problem with splitting the bill — even in the first few dates.


Here's the thing, the traditionalists aren't wrong. At least I don't believe they are. They are in danger of being marginalized, though. There will be a tipping point when, because of a complete shift in cultural norms, they will be left clinging to those tried and true societal strictures … alone.

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For many, being alone is an option preferable to relenting to a new normal. But even the most hardened traditionalist must admit women's evolving position in society dictates that relationship roles be more pliable. Guys had better get their egos prepped for women making as much and in many instances more money than them, and they'd better brush up on their cooking and cleaning skills, too. Women had better get used to guys expecting more equality in the dating world in terms of who's expected to pick up the check! 

Where do you stand? Am I off base? We've seen time and again how our culture makes dramatic shifts on the heels of social change. As women's continued fight for full economic equality takes firmer root, won't people be forced to re-think the way their relationships play out?

The funny thing is that one day the new progressives will be the old traditionalists. And maybe that's not so bad.

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