9 Life Skills We Learn From Having Siblings [EXPERTS]


9 Life Skills We Learn From Having Siblings [EXPERTS]
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Negotiation skills:  “Oh My God!  That is awesome.  Can I borrow it?”
Kids always end up wanting something that belongs to their sibling.  To be successful they either have to be naturally generous or they have to learn how to negotiate.  Most kids think negotiating is either being demanding (“Let me use it.  I let you borrow my Ipod last week!”) or begging (“Oh, come ON.  Please!  Don’t be so stingy.”).  They can benefit from direct instruction about how to negotiation effectively (and how to be a gracious negotiation participant). 



Learning how to relate to others in loving, supportive and healthy ways takes practice; lots of practice.  Happily, sibling relationships provide the perfect practice field.  With a little coaching siblings can end up learning a lot about relationships while also forming a lifelong friendship. 

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