8 Ways You Know There Is A Teen in the House


8 Ways You Know There Is A Teen in the House
Can't live with them, can't live without them. Your baby's all grown up and taking over the nest!

5. Hidden apps. Teenagers have apps on their cell phone they don’t want parents to know about. Luckily for them, and not so much for many unsuspecting parents, there’s an app for that. Companies are now producing apps that hide other apps from casual detection or allow you to text without leaving a trace on the phone bill. When you live in a country run by a totalitarian government that regulates every aspect of your daily life (e.g., China, North Korea, the home of a teenager), apps that hide apps are the only way to maintain freedom and fight the good fight against The Man. Teenagers, freedom fighters, hidden apps, no brainer.

6. Ratty clothes. The presence of a teenager in the house is also indicated by clothing that is torn, frayed, ratty and ripped. And these are brand new garments! Teens can’t afford to look neat and put together or NO ONE will hang with them. Their clothes need to appear worn and damaged by long, hard days doing manual labor (without the sweat, effort and trouble of long, hard days doing manual labor). If an adult is screaming ,“What did you do that that brand new shirt!” there is a teenager in the house.


7. Group pictures of contorted faces. What is it with teens squinching up their faces and mashing them together when taking a picture? “LOL! That was such an awesome day!” “Here I am with my BFFs!” With the proliferation of cameras on laptops and cell phones, these pictures must now be in the billions. Would it be so hard to take a photo without looking like a 2 (or 3 or 4) headed ravenous beast? Not if there is a teenager in the house.

8. Footprints on the windshield. Looking for signs of a teenager in the house? Take a glance at the car parked in the driveway. There you will find the tell-tale mark of a teenage passenger--greasy, dirty impressions of feet on the windshield. This mark is left when teens kick off their shoes, slouch down in the seat and put their bare feet on the windshield while being driven to and from various activities. This is particularly likely to happen on long drives to vacation destinations. Teenagers apparently are incapable of keeping their shoes on and feet down when riding in a car making it easier to identify the homes where they reside. (They shouldn’t do this for safety reasons, by the way!)

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Who knows how long these signs of teenage presence will persist before becoming obsolete. Happily, they rarely continue past adolescence. They seem to disappear right about the time teenagers become young adults who have to actually PAY for all their own stuff!

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