8 Budget Lessons I Learned From Writing A Fashion Blog


8 Budget Lessons I Learned From Writing A Fashion Blog
You can still have great style on a budget!

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7. Try it on! You can wear more styles than you think.



I started The $30 Project because I dug myself into a hole of credit card debt with online shopping.  Even when you send an item back, you’re still out the shipping costs. Congrats, you just paid $7 for nothing. Use online shopping for basics that you know will fit, otherwise face the dressing room.  Learn to know your body and you’ll be able to start skipping those looks that make you shudder.


8. Hey, guess what? You look pretty damn good.



I’m definitely not a model, but I still take pictures of myself almost every day. I like to wear quirky outfits, try different looks, and feel good about my own appearance. And I find that these good feelings multiply and, in turn, grow their own good feelings. Don’t give up on yourself. There are so many excuses. You don’t look a certain, particular way that you want to look. I understand. I feel that same way each and every day. And I still work with what I’ve got. You can too. I know it. Learn to trust me on this one.


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