7 Ways to Survive Divorce Later in Life


7 Ways to Survive Divorce Later in Life
Even if you get divorced at an age that is not the "norm," figure out how to cope here.

6. Work Out -  Working out has numerous benefits.  The first being it helps you cope with stress.  People that work out will sleep better, relax better and have improved health.  Not to mention, it can motivate or revigorate your sex life!  Find a gym you love or get some workout DVD’s or just start walking outside every day.  Invite your daughter and her kids to join you, see if a neighbor you'd like to get to know is interested in a weekly class. Or consider it a good chance to spend quality time solo.

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7. Meditate - In less than 5 minutes a day, you can do something for yourself that will prepare for the next phase in your life. Meditation has hundreds of benefits.  This powerful tool will help you navigate life’s most stressful events, including divorce. Researchers from MIT and Harvard have found that meditation can relieve stress and pain and actually change the brain.  How great is that?!  The new you is going to be smarter, better and more relaxed!  There is a gentleman named Artie Wu who runs Preside Meditation.  His website is free to join and he explains meditation in the simplest form.  He has quick and easy exercises to get you started with meditation.  It is much simpler than you think and the benefits are amazing! 

Just remember, asking for help is okay too. If you find that you are having a really tough time dealing with your feelings after a divorce, seek some professional help.  It’s okay.  Get with someone and make a plan to deal with your feelings and work to a place that you can move forward. 

You can do it!  You can survive your divorce at any age  -- look how many people have not only survived, but thrived!  (Did you know that 42% of Robert Frost’s anthologized poems were written after he was 50?) Put your positive hat on and take the first step.  I know that when you look back just a few months from now, you won’t believe how far you’ve come.


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