7 Ways To Score A Second Date


7 Ways To Score A Second Date
Figure out and use these fun ways to score a date with someone who catches your eye.

5. Convey Graciousness

Talk isn’t all that matters. He’s watching your every move to see who you really are. And what he really wants to a partner who is great to come home to after a stressful day. So show him how supportive and friendly you are by being thoughtful and sweet to everyone around you, including wait staff, passersby, or others you interact with.


6. Go with the Flow

Life can be enough of a drag without a partner who is all doom and gloom. While it’s obvious to keep the negativity out of your words, you also need to show him that you can take things in stride. So when things don’t go perfectly smoothly (the table service sucks, the movie is sold out, it rains on your mini-golf), he’ll be impressed when you’re the first one to say, “That’s ok, no worries. I’m having a great time with you anyway.”

7. Make the Ending Easy

Guys can get a little gun shy after being repeatedly rejected, so if you want to see him again, make it easy for him. Look him in the eye, smile radiantly, touch him gently, and say, “I had a great time tonight. I love how smart, thoughtful, and funny you are (or whatever is true).” By opening the door for him, you’ll make it easy for him to ask you out for a second date.

By stepping into your radiant, captivating, and passionate self on every date, you’ll invite more guys to notice what a great catch you really are – leading to more and better, second dates!

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