7 Tips For Buying Wedding Stationery on a Budget


7 Tips For Buying Wedding Stationery on a Budget
The best day of your life can be pricey! Here's how to save.

Bows, ribbons, seals or any other embellishment can make your stationery look cute, but they can also add an unwanted amount to your stationery tab. Alce said if you opt to not include these embellishments, then you can save money on purchasing and mailing. “The United States Post Office measures and determines your postage by the weight and size of the envelope,” she said. “There are simple yet elegant wedding invitations that won't hurt your wedding budget and will compliment your wedding nicely.”

Also, Chang says, watch your ‘print.’ “There are lots of printing options out there for invites and while it's easy to fall in love with letterpress or embossed styles, the most economical is flat printing,” she said. “It can still look beautiful because of the design, but the printing will be more cost effective.”


5. Ask yourself if you really need all that paper.

Wedding stationery shopping can be fun and exciting, however it’s also very easy to get carried away. Before you order your invitations, ask yourself if you really need each piece of stationery that you have chosen. Will it ruin your wedding if you opt to not use directions or accommodations cards? Choosing not to include them can save you money on printing and mailing.

Caitlin Boshnack, owner of Bridal Mentor.com, said that a lot of brides are opting — or forgetting in the last-minute planning — to not have a ceremony program. “Yes, there is a lot of paper needed for your wedding, but some of it is optional,” she said. “Depending on the formality of your wedding, you may not need the whole gamut.”

Chang said that there are other ways to get information — such as directions and accommodations information — to your guests. “While these are great things to provide guests, if you want to save some money, consider just providing the invite and RSVP,” she said. “Then direct your guests to your free website for all the other information. Or better yet, have your guests RSVP online instead so no additional paper and postage needs to be used.”

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6. Purchase the stationery in one large order.

Once you have finalized your invitations and have a complete head-and-couple count, you should order all your invitations at once. Alce said that it can cost you less money when you purchase all your invitations in one large order. “Special pricing applies to increments of 100, 200, 300, etc,” she said. “Additions are very costly and mostly come in increments of 25 for the invitations, response cards, RSVP cards, inner and outer envelopes.”

Alce warns not to cut it too close. “It's a good rule of thumb to order 5-10 extra invitations, and extra inner and outer envelopes just in case you make a mistake while addressing each one,” she said.

7. Be realistic and know how your choices will affect the price.

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