7 Signs You're Ready to Date Again


7 Signs You're Ready to Date Again
Starting over can be hard. Figure out when it is okay to date after a separation or breakup here!

Can you list what you learned from the experience, as well as what you would do differently next time around? People tend to make the same mistakes over and over in love. So be sure you’ve had enough time to gain some new perspective on what happened. When you can see how you contributed to the issues and explain what new choices and actions you’d make, you’re ready to do it more successfully next time.

Sign 6: Hope Flows


Do you feel that spark of real hope, knowing that there is someone right out there for you? Repeated breakups or dead-end relationships can make even a hardy single start to lose hope, feeling bitter and disillusioned. Unfortunately, that crusty exterior will extinguish any new flame, making rejection even more likely, so wait until you’re able to embrace a positive attitude before you date again.

Sign 7: You’re Cutie Curious
Have you started to notice cute guys again and wonder what it would be like to be with them? After a break up, you can’t even think about another guy. So when you guy-dar turns back on and you feel attracted to new men, you’re getting close!  As long as the other 6 signs are green lights, this might be the final indicator that you’re ready, willing, and able to be a partner to a great new guy!


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