7 Lessons from Celebrity Divorces


7 Lessons from Celebrity Divorces
Even though celebrity gossip fails to be true sometimes, here are some lessons you can learn from it

By Relationship & Sex Talk, Jane Greer, Ph.D., for GalTime.com



Katie and Tom? Kim and Kris? Seal and Heidi? Do you relate to any of these A-lister break-ups?

With all the celebrity divorces topping the news regularly, there is much to be learned from their trials, and in some cases, triumphs. Here are seven tips to help you steer clear of a Maria Shriver-Arnold Schwarzenegger un-hitching, or handle a divorce gracefully--- if that's the best route to take.

Know what you are getting into before you walk down the aisle. Could this have been the issue for Katy Perry and Russell Brand's short marriage? We can't know for sure, however, we can take note. I often think of how we take the time to plan a vacation. We decide where we want to go, where to stay, eat, and tour. You wouldn't jump into the car without any thought and head to a destination. Why would you do that with a marriage? Learn what your partner wants out of life, and what they expect from you and the home you build, before you commit to being together forever. That is the only way to ensure a happy future and continued travel together.

Pay attention to the signs, so a divorce doesn't blindside you. "I had no idea it was going to take this turn," Jennie Garth of "Beverly Hills 90210" fame told "Access Hollywood Live" about divorcing Peter Facinelli of "Twilight" fame after eleven years of marriage. The thing to keep in mind with this one is, if you've been fighting and then the fighting stops, it doesn't always mean things have improved. Maybe your spouse has simply given up. Just because your partner stops complaining doesn't mean the complaints have necessarily gone away. Don't assume all is well; make sure it is.

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First deal with the "me" so you don't get caught up in the "we." Could Katie Holmes' path been different had she focused more on herself before she wed Tom Cruise? The perception that Cruise overwhelmingly ruled the roost and left no room for the compromise that a healthy marriage demands is something we all can learn from. Before you commit to a life of possible unhappiness, make sure you are a strong individual. Then together you can focus on becoming a couple.

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