6 Tips for Planning a Vegan Wedding


6 Tips for Planning a Vegan Wedding
Ways to get over the challenges and work through the details!

By Holly Lefevre, Author of The Everything Vegan Wedding Book for GALTime

Living a vegan lifestyle affects and influences your life on every level. And, now you are planning a wedding! That is a challenge all in itself but when you are planning a vegan wedding, there is a whole new set of decisions and considerations added to the mix. Of course, you know how to incorporate veganism into your daily life, but when you are hosting a major celebration, finding wedding professionals, fielding questions… and dodging the opinions of your friends and family (oh yeah – there will be opinions), what is a good vegan bride (or groom) to do?


Well, first of all make no apologies for your decisions. This is your wedding and it is about you and your fiancé. There is no better time than now to treat your guests to a beautiful celebration and introduce them to your vegan world. Besides, no one will miss a non-vegan thing when you treat your guests to a plant-based, cruelty free extravaganza.

Easy Vegan Planning
1. Don’t expect everyone to fully understand your choices and decisions. It may be easy for your BFF to embrace your veganism, but grandma may not quite understand what it all means…and that is OK – we are all different. Expect questions and maybe a few funny looks… but don’t take it personally. Do your best to educate and enlighten...and encourage them to accept your choices for the day, but remember it is a wedding not a debate.

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2. Embrace this opportunity to introduce your friends and families to the variety of tastes a plant-based menu offers. You may feel pressured to include some non-vegan fare on the menu, but you do not have to. Hire a good vegan caterer, and no one will miss the chicken or cheese or the whatever! Show those non-vegans how delicious and elegant vegan cuisine can be. Don’t forget the sweet stuff. Let them eat vegan cake, and donuts, and pastries, and well everything! Make sure that after your wedding no one will ever make fun of a vegan cake again.

3. Before you head out to scout a venue, do your research. Look for locales that promote or compliment a vegan lifestyle such as an organic herb garden, your favorite vegan restaurant, or a field of flowers. You don’t want to fall in love with a venue only to find that “fights” your beliefs. What happens if you walk into an amazing venue only to find antlers on the wall, leather couches in the lounge, or that the chef specializes in wild game? Turn around – quick! No matter how great the view or how lovely the garden or how right the price is, not every venue will fit with your vegan values.

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