6 Tips For Becoming More Photogenic


6 Tips For Becoming More Photogenic
Use these tips to be ready for the camera!

By Lori Garcia for GalTime.com

How to look great in pictures


If you’ve ever known someone who couldn’t take a bad picture if they tried, you also know that they’re usually the same person who shares pictures all over social networking sites where they look awesome and you…well, don’t.

Since camera shyness is hardly an option in today’s snap and share society, check out these simple tricks to take a more flattering picture:

1. Chin up: My husband’s notorious for tucking his chin way back into his neck when smiling for pictures, enter quadruple chin. Instead of tucking your chin into the shell of your neck like a frightened turtle, tilt your chin up and slightly forward to create a clean and defined jawline, free of unnecessary (and unflattering) shadows and neck rolls.

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2. Relax your face: Ever wonder why some people look best in candid shots? It's because their face isn't all tensed up in anticipation of an imminent flash. Make a deliberate effort to relax your entire face, particularly your eyes when posing for pictures. Oh, and about that dreaded "bite-smile", you’ll want to stop that. It comes off looking forced and insincere.

3. Revisit your photos: View pictures of yourself with constructive criticism. Chances are you'll notice a handful of undesirable posing habits. Maybe you tilt your head at a strange angle like I do, or strike an awkward habitual pose. Become acquainted with poses and angles that have served you well and make a mental checklist of what not to do the next time you're in front of a camera. Whether it's the chin tuck into the neck, unflattering posture, or a too wide forced grin, awareness will likely result in more flattering pictures in the future.

4. Enhance, don't distract: Since makeup can appear much darker in photos than perhaps intended, focus on reducing redness and shine in natural tones and of course, wear clothing that accentuates your body's best features.

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5. Look through the camera: Focusing on the camera lens can translate into tense eyes (highlighting every eye wrinkle you own). The trick is to look "through" the camera lens with relaxed eyes. There’s one very important caveat to this rule: if you're in the unfortunate position of being up-shot by a camera positioned lower than eye level, keep your head up and look straight ahead rather than tilting your head down to peer through the camera.

6. Strike a pose: Madonna told us, "Strike a pose, there's nothing to it." I happen to disagree; striking a decent pose takes at least a little bit of effort. Try standing at a three-quarter angle with one foot behind the other, paying close attention to your posture while relaxing your shoulders. Not only will you instantly appear slimmer in photos, you might just look like a seasoned professional.

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