6 Things Women Do To Push Men Away


6 Things Women Do To Push Men Away
What not to do to scare your man away!

According to Good, women need to think of love as "quiet." In other words, it’s what you do when no one is looking, how you find their hand when things are bad and tell them it’s okay. If you hear “I love you” constantly it loses it’s value. “Love is the result of the events in our lives, not the result of talking about the idea of it,” assures Good.

5. Disloyalty


Loyalty is everything, it is the currency of our lives, declares Good. When women are disloyal to other women, it tells the man they will be disloyal to them, too.

6. A Failure to Let a Lion be a Lion

In the same way that a women wants to feel taken care of and protected, a man wants to know he’s the one that made her feel that way. Good explains, “With a look or word, you can empower us.”

Good has one powerful piece of advice for women: Don't forget why your man fell for you. Woman AND men seem to stop doing the little things they did at the beginning of a relationship that made it fun. Think back and try doing some of the little things you "used" to do for him.

What do you think of Good’s outspoken but honest advice?

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