6 Reasons NOT To Run


6 Reasons NOT To Run
Who said running was the only way to stay healthy? Here are some better alternatives to learn about.

REASON: Running actually requires a good amount of flexibility to work efficiently and to get the most out of each stride. A lack of flexibility will force you to work harder with each stride and may cause injury.

ALTERNATIVE: Yoga is a great option to help open up the hip joints (an integral part of running) and to improve overall total body flexibility. In turn, you will improve your posture, core strength, range of motion and your body's efficiency while doing other activities.

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REASON: You need to set aside a certain amount of time to run. You also may need a gym membership or nice weather. Unfortunately, sometimes the stars don’t always align and running can be out of the question.

ALTERNATIVE: Instead of going out to work out, keep your workout indoors by doing fitness DVDs. Many fitness DVDs require minimal equipment or no equipment at all. The best part of pushing play to work out is you don’t have to leave your house. If you’re on a budget, have time restrictions, or the weather isn’t the best, you now no longer have an excuse not to get your dose of fitness in!



REASON: Illness is a valid reason to skip a run. If you run while you are sick, it can lead to worsened symptoms and possibly getting even more ill. If you feel like a flu is coming on or you already have the flu, know that there's no such thing as "sweating it out." If you have an infection in your chest or lungs, running is a big no-no.

ALTERNATIVE: My advice for anyone who is sick is to remember that your body is in distress and that it needs time off to heal. Take a few days off until you are feeling 90% to 100% better. The last thing you wan to do is jump back into working out before your body is ready only to prolong your illness or relapse.



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