6 Clues To Look For in a Keeper


6 Clues To Look For in a Keeper
Here's how to find the one.

2. He should be calm under pressure. – Long-term relationships are rife with emotional highs and lows. That being the case, the person closest to you had better be someone who you can count on to not only be in control of his emotions but to be a steadying and comforting influence when times aren’t quite as great.

3. Must be in pursuit of his passion. – Maybe he doesn’t make six figures. Heck, most people don’t. But he had better be driven by something other than money. Far too often women get involved with guys because they have a juicy bank account, then they get serious with that guy and realize that the man whose passion is making money may never have enough money. This then creates the real possibility that Mr. Moneymaker may only have time to make money and not have time for you.


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4. Must appreciate your independence. – You’re your own person with your own opinions, perspectives and aspirations. Whether you’re traditional and expect to be a stay-at-home mom or a lady with dreams of being the President of the United States, your guy had better be on board with you. Do NOT commit that typical mistake of trying to change your guy’s mind by trying to get him to understand your position. The right guy requires no convincing.

5. Your friends should like him. – This isn’t to say that your judgment should be completely colored by your friends’ opinions, but if there’s a collective aversion to your guy by your inner circle, it’s definitely time to start asking questions.

6. Laugh, Laugh, Laugh. – He'd  better be able to laugh….and you’d better be able to laugh with him. Few things in a relationship are as intimate as a couple’s ability to share the gift of laughter. You’ll find that successful couples’ most common trait is that the two simply know how to make each other smile.

So there you go. Take those dealbreakers to the bank and that’s where you begin seeing your quality guys. Everything else, the looks, the money, the career, are all amazing icing on the cake, but for long-term potential start with those six building blocks and you’re suddenly finding good quality guys to date.

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