5 Things You Shouldn't Reject A Guy Over


5 Things You Shouldn't Reject A Guy Over
You may want to rethink judging him for his less-than-cool profession or lack of style.

3. His profession. Making a living and supporting a family is important. Being able to maintain a certain, realistic, standard of living is too. How a man accomplishes that feat is not. Don't judge a man by how he makes his money. Your goal should be to find a man who will be a loving and caring husband and father. The letters after his name should be irrelevant to your decision.

4. His social "coolness." Some men aren't the greatest when it comes to socializing. I'm not referring to a man who is socially awkward in an uncomfortable or creepy way. I'm just talking about a guy who isn't the social butterfly you think you need. Well, if you marry him, you'll have to be the social director and he will follow. Is that too big of a sacrifice for you in exchange for a good man who loves you?


5. His lack of verbal affection. There was a great article in The Wall Street Journal that talks about how some men show their love and affection through actions instead of words. I know you want your man to serenade you with verbal expressions of his undying affection, but would you settle for a guy who washes the dishes, takes out the garbage and buys you flowers on a regular basis? How about a guy who wakes up early on weekends to take care of the kids so you can sleep in? Actions speak louder than words. Go for the doer over the talker every time.

So next time you feel like writing off a guy before he even has a chance, remember these five points and consider giving him a shot.

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