5 Things To Never Say On A First Date


5 Things To Never Say On A First Date
These tips will help you walk away proud after your first date with a guy.

Impression Buster 4:  “Waiter, I can’t believe this soup is cold. Get me another!”

He’s watching your every move to get a sense of how you will treat him over time. Even if you’re sweet as sugar to him, if you indulge in impatient, unkind, or rude remarks to other people, he won’t be able to trust you. He’ll know there is a monster lurking and ready to attack him the next time.


Impression Booster: Even if things don’t go perfectly smoothly or as planned, show him you can stay calm, friendly, and gracious under stress. That’s the kind of partner he knows he’d be lucky to land.

Impression Buster 5: “My place or yours?”



If you really like him, you’ll leave some mystery and make him wait to discover more of you. Building intrigue and allowing time for a real bond, is the only way to avoid a crash and burn first date.

Impression Booster: Keep it simple by saying, “You seem like a great guy. I can’t wait to learn more about you soon,” as you smile and head for the door.

By watching your words and staying positive, you can create a great first impression which sparks in him the desire to see you again.

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