5 Things Men Want Women to Know


5 Things Men Want Women to Know
The Guy's Guy's Guide to Love

For some reason, many men feel that it’s necessary to bullshit women. Maybe it’s the guilt about a preponderance of sexual thoughts or secret hopes of getting a woman into the sack by telling them what they think a woman wants to hear. This includes classics like, “I don’t like the women in strip clubs,” or “Angelina Jolie? She’s not my type.” You might want to believe these white lies, but I suggest you refer to point #1: Men always have sex on their minds.



4. Men Are Driven By Fear and Ego

This includes yours truly, but I’m aware of my issue and working on it. As you know, men are super-competitive and always want to win. Maybe this is product of our upbringing, societal expectations, and participation in sports. A competitive drive can be healthy. But if you dig a little deeper into a man’s psyche, you might find his fear of losing is stronger than his desire to win. Think about it next time you observe your man on the golf course, tennis court, or playing a board game. He likes winning, but he can’t bear to lose.

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5. Deep Down, Men Want Solid Relationships


Let’s lead our sexual elephant out of the room for a moment. See how much calmer your man is--just like after he has an orgasm and plops down into your arms. He’s stress-free. This can be a good time to surface important issues because there’s no sexual tension or agenda present and he’ll open up about his feelings more than usual.

You’ll find that most men want to be in a relationship. They need acceptance and they want to share their life with someone who understands them. I was hooked from the moment my wife texted me, “I believe in you.”

But even that’s been contingent on how I manage my percolating sexuality.

Do you think you know everything you need to about men?


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