5 Things to Do On a College Visit


5 Things to Do On a College Visit
Choosing a college can be overwhelming. Make sure you follow these tips to ensure a great 4 years!

Think about what questions you would like to know that aren’t addressed anywhere else, for instance:



1. Do students remain on campus during the weekends or do they go home?
2. What is the freshman retention rate and graduation rate?
3. Are there scholarships available that I might not find on your website?
4. What type of tutoring programs do you offer?
5. Does the college have an internship program?
6. How large are the typical freshman classes?

The worst mistake any student can make is neglecting the college visit. Many students say they just “felt it” when they set foot on campus. Students who accept admission without the visit may be very dissatisfied once they move onto campus or start attending classes. Much like buying a car without test driving, applying to a college without first visiting it means you may just wind up with a lemon!


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