5 Summer Beauty Faves


5 Summer Beauty Faves
Summer isn't over yet...there's still plenty of time to look your best!

By Kerri Winick for GalTime.com

Sixties-style, winged eyeliner. A sparkling smile. Flawless skin. These are just a few of my summer beauty musts.


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Here are five of the latest products I use to achieve them:

1.)  Cargo Route 66 Road Trip Kit, $34: If the super cute wristlet (pictured below) didn’t already catch your attention, its contents definitely will: limited edition eyeshadow in Road Trip (a shimmering sand shade), Texas Liner Liquid Eyeliner, lip gloss in Route 66, and a travel size 3 Triple Action Mascara. For me, the liquid liner is the superstar of this kit. It's short and easy to grip, and the marker-style tip makes it easier than ever to create a straight, jet black line. This lip gloss is another fave. It’s an orange-coral shade that is guaranteed to make your whole look pop.

2.)  Colgate Total Advanced Pro-Shield 12HR Protection Mouthwash, Peppermint Blast, $6.99: This mouthwash doesn’t sting, burn, or taste sour when you swish it around. What it does do is leave you with super-fresh breath and a clean, happy mouth. I like to use it AM, PM, and before a meeting, especially if I’ve had a spicy/oniony lunch.

3.)  Benefit Stay Flawless 15-Hour Primer, $32: How cute is the polka-dot tube? It instantly drew me to this primer, along with the fact that it comes in sleek stick form. I don’t use the stick directly on my face. Instead, I dab a foundation brush on top, then use a light coating on specific areas, like my eyes and cheeks. The formula is feathery-light, and it really does help makeup stay put for hours on end, even during hot and sweaty days. This primer also gave my skin a subtle sheen and made my favorite CC cream easier to smooth on. I’m sold!

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4.)  Vaseline Spray and Go Moisturizer, $7.99: As soon as I saw the commercial for this, I was intrigued. After using the product once, I was totally hooked. The spray nozzle makes it easier than ever to apply lotion, slip on your clothes, and slip out the door in minutes. The non-greasy formula absorbs instantly, leaving you with smooth, hydrated skin.

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