5 Standardized Test Tips for Parents


5 Standardized Test Tips for Parents
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Some students just aren’t motivated to study for the standardized tests. If their scores are less than stellar, consider test optional schools. There is some debate about the trueness of the words “test optional”; but the simple fact is your student won’t need impressive SAT scores to apply.

If your house has become a war zone over standardized tests take a step back and evaluate your role in the conflict. Take the pressure off your student, have a calm conversation and ask if they feel overwhelmed.



Once your student expresses the need for help with SAT or ACT preparation, Parents Countdown to College Coach in a partnership with eKnowledge is donating free test prep programs valued at $200 (with a small licensing fee of $17.55). They have numerous study options available and it might just be the ticket to big peace back into your family and assure your student takes the test with confidence.

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