5 Singles' Setbacks and How to Get Back on Track


5 Singles' Setbacks and How to Get Back on Track
Transitioning back to single life is tough: Some tips on how to deal...

Getting Back on Track Be your authentic self during the date by sharing what you are most passionate about, practice being honest at the end of the first date by saying how you really feel about going out again, seek to be an empathic listener, drawing out the best in your date.

Setback 3: A Promising Beau Disappears into Thin Air Barely anything can be more disappointing than when you finally meet someone and within a matter of weeks, they simply "poof"-- disappearing with little explanation.


Conquering Disappointment When a blossoming love connection suddenly ends, it’s easy to focus on the What-If’s-- all the reasons they seemed to be The One, rather than on the fact that obviously you weren’t meant to be.

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Getting Back on Track Make a list of all of the reasons he really wasn’t a good fit, ask your friends to remind you of your list when you start idealizing him, refuse to reminisce about the “good times.”

Setback 4: A Freshly Broken HeartNothing hurts worse than a new breakup, when your world seems to crash down around you. Feeling rejected, the idea of being loved again seems like a long-lost dream.

Conquering Rejection When a relationship comes to an end, it’s easy to take it personally and really get down about yourself. But the fact is-- breakups happen because the match between you both isn’t right, not because one of you isn’t good enough.

Getting Back on Track Focus on the ways the match between you didn’t work, make a list of all the qualities that make you a great catch- the reasons the next guy will be lucky to have you, practice offering love to those around you.

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Setback 5: Surprise! Your Ex is Dating Again It can be quite a slap in the face to see your ex is dating again, whether you run into them at the movies or see his online dating profile active again. That twinge of jealousy can be sharp and nagging, as you play out all sorts of disturbing scenes in your head.

Conquering Jealousy When you broke up, it was because you both deserved something more, something better. Avoid playing out the scenes of his new relationship in your head and focus on yourself instead.

Getting Back on Track Take some deep breaths and remember to let go, find the place inside of yourself that really does wish him happiness, and do something nice for yourself to feel beautiful and sexy.

By learning to work with all of the emotions that crop up during the dating cycle, you can avoid getting stuck and more easily shift from one stage to the next, until the perfect partner shows up in your world!

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