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5 Sexy Stocking Stuffers To Give (Ahem) Yourself

5 Sexy Stocking Stuffers To Give (Ahem) Yourself [EXPERT]

All I want for Christmas is ... sex toys?

5. Traditional Vibe:  Roulette All On RedWant a vibe that you know is a sure bet? Take a gamble on the Roulette All On Red! This textured take on the traditional vibe features a simple click wheel control, taking you easily through the powerful vibration speeds. Just under $60.


Consumer review: "I don't think you can get more for your money. (It's) simple, elegant and exceptionally well made. Even if you're a fan of complex vibration patterns, buy the Roulette All On Red for when you're feeling a bit lazy and just want to get off quickly and easily." —Gunsmoke

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