5 Red Flags In Online Dating Profiles


5 Red Flags In Online Dating Profiles
Things to look out for while surfing dating profiles

Please have a picture when you email, if you don't i'll just assume you are fat or very ugly or both and I don't have time for that. You might be very nice and have a great personality but there are fit girls who have that too so why would I settle for less?

I have a nice job downtown around the financial district. Please at least be able to pay for half on the date. I won't be paying for you (at least not at first) so you better be able to pay your own way. Sorry I have to admit that was out of line. What I should have said is, don't expect to be going to upscale restaurants and have me pay for everything. (I don't mind picking up the coffee tab on the first date!!) I want an equal, not a freeloader!! If you are a picky eater, than you are not the girl for me.




Quick Question: Why is the "average" female body 20 pounds overweight? They should really refer to the BMI when choosing a body type. I think it's a conspiracy of some sorts. I know my comments may seem rude but I am being brutally honest. Thanks for your time and best of luck!”

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Unlike the sample profile above, some may be worded in such a way that women think they've found a catch, though the person is actually someone to avoid. To help online daters discern fact from fiction and guard their hearts, Ikka says there are at least five red flags to look for when perusing profiles (while keeping in mind that her remarks are generalizations and that there are exceptions as well as alternate perspectives, intentions, and interpretations).

1. ME, ME, ME

Some profiles overuse the word “I,” and the person focuses too much on himself/herself. It is about what he/she wants, needs, or is looking for with little to no mention of what the lucky suitor will get in return.

“A well-balanced person and, therefore, a well-written online dating profile that accurately depicts one’s personality, preferences, and relationship goals will ensure that the profile covers what they’re looking for in addition to what they are willing to contribute to a relationship. You should be able to glean some observations around whether the person is a giver, a taker, or both by the way the individual packages their profile,” Ikka says.


“In these cases, [typically] this is a person who is accustomed to getting by on their looks and, perhaps, their looks alone,” Ikka says. She adds that this type of profile also suggests superficiality, lack of substance, and/or laziness.


These profiles often use words like “can’t, won’t, don’t, shouldn’t, or wouldn’t. ” They contain statements, such as “I won’t date someone who doesn’t have a job.” or “You shouldn’t be too opinionated or you’re not for me.”

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