5 Movies Guys Say they Love... Just to Hook Up


5 Movies Guys Say they Love... Just to Hook Up
Can you believe that guys pretend to love these movies? We can. Read on for more!

3. “The English Patient” – Beware of any guy who suggests a romantic night-in watching this one. You don’t realize it, but the only reason he chooses a film like this is because A) You love it and B) It''s SO long that by the time it’s over, you’re too damn tired to go home. The evening (in his mind) will go: home-cooked dinner, glass of wine, The English Patient, another glass of wine, an offer to let you sleep in his room while he sleeps on the couch…. waking up in bed naked with you 8 hours later.

4. “Titanic” – This is the rare film where intentions can be read both ways. This is the second biggest film of all time for a reason. LOTS of guys (including me) love the film. HOWEVER, many, many men avoid it at all costs. That’s what makes this so tricky. Sure the guy could be into this marathon of a motion picture… on the other hand… see above.


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5. ANY MOVIE STARRING MEG RYAN – Doesn’t matter which one. The original queen of the rom-com is an absolute no-no for men. Like, PERIOD. If a guy is hanging out with his buddies and he starts a statement with, “So last night I was watching Sleepless In Seattle…” it had better be concluded by, “…with Angelina Jolie.” You catch my meaning? This is a red flag for women on two fronts. One: he’s either obviously trying to get in your pants OR he’s still in the closet. Just sayin’…

Oh the list does go on... and I’m sure the guys reading have their own suggestions. Feel free to add more.

Tell us what movie your man pretends to like!

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