5 Hot Wedding Trends


5 Hot Wedding Trends
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We’ve seen the very fun and cute photo booths at weddings, but what about photos of the bride and groom after their big day? A very sexy new wedding trend is emerging: “Morning After” photos. A photographer comes in the morning after the nuptias to capture the passion between a newly married couple. Inna Shamis Lapin, a recent bride and subject of a very intimate morning after shoot with photographer Michelle Jonne, tells GalTime that the photo shoot was not awkward at all. “The images are clearly intimate, but they are not of our intimacy. Michelle wanted our pictures to look sexy, sensual, passionate- but most of all, implied.” She also adds that while the photo shoot is called “Morning After,” the pictures did not take place the morning after their wedding. The bride did her own hair and makeup and let the moments unfold. “My husband and I are very happy with how they turned out. Sexy, passionate and artistic- beautiful moments captured on camera.” Be sure to look at Michelle Jonne's webpage to give you an idea of how sexy these photographs really are.

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