4 Ways to Avoid Getting Scammed


Money is a matter that can definitely get a little difficult sometimes. Figure out how to manage it.

A bank or financial institution already has your account information in addition to alternative methods for identifying you as the account holder. If you receive a phone call or email of this nature, do not provide any information and contact your bank or credit card provider on your own to see if there is an actual problem.

4. Regularly check your bank account activity and credit report


While banks and credit cards can refund cash or credit for fraudulent transactions, the sooner a consumer is able to report fraud, the better.

Regularly checking your online statements can help you keep on top of your financial situation and alert you to any irregularities. Being acquainted with your credit score is also an important defense against fraud. Unfortunately, it’s often only after a person becomes aware of their low credit score do they learn they’ve become a victim of fraud.


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