4 Natural Remedies For Annoying Summer Colds


4 Natural Remedies For Annoying Summer Colds
No one wants a cold when the weather's hot!

By Erin Cassin for GalTime.com

Getting a nasty cold stinks, but it's even worse when it's the perfect beach day and all you want to do is have a day-long date with your bed. You may be thinking, how in the world can I get sick in warm weather?


Well, these miserable summer colds are mainly caused by 'non-polio enterovirus infections,' the second most common virus after rhinovirus (the winter cold instigator). Every year, enteroviruses result in about 10 to 15 million illnesses nationwide between the months of June through October.

So if you wake up one summer morning with sniffles galore and a fever, don't sweat it. We've got the scoop on four medical expert-recommended natural remedies that will help ease your symptoms or even shorten the duration of your cold. The best part is that they're inexpensive and easy to find in your grocery or natural health food store.

Zinc. Though research shows conflicting results when it comes to zinc's impact on colds, it's still a go-to remedy in the arsenal of integrative medicine. “Zinc was actually studied by the National Institutes of Health and initially found not to be efficacious and then they subsequently reversed their finding on it,” explains Dr. Sezelle Gereau-Haddon, MD, a physician specializing in integrative otolaryngology at the Continuum Center for Health and Healing. As soon as you experience cold symptoms, take one 13.3 milligram zinc lozenge every two hours while you're awake until you feel better, advises Dr. Gereau-Haddon.

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