3 Reasons Moms Make Good Bosses [EXPERTS]


3 Reasons Moms Make Good Bosses [EXPERTS]
Moms have an advantage in the business world

3. Moms answer when you call. This point goes beyond its literal interpretation and covers many bases. In short, moms are dependable, compassionate and care about other people. A savvy boss knows the difference between a worker who is making lame excuses and one who is in dire straits. Moms understand the plights of their workers and know when to mentor. Do not confuse this for weakness however; do not forget that the other job of such a boss is to sort out fact and fiction on regular basis at home. You cannot sneak much past a mom, but if you genuinely need a listening ear, she can provide it along with other workplace guidance.

Of course, there are exceptions to every rule. Not every mom is a good boss, and many dads or non-parents are also great leaders. The inherent role of motherhood, however, lends itself to the task of managing other people with compassion and optimism. A good handle on life at home often means a boss that leads a team well at work too – benefitting all under her management.


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